Anyone Interested?

I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in helping me develop a simple accounting site.  I have already started it.  One thing that I wished I had exposure to in the accounting program is actually doing accounting work in application.  I’m fortunate enough to use quickbooks a little bit currently and it has been a learning curve because what you learn in theory is different in application.  Anyways I wanted to do this little accounting project to help others get a hands on feel for what accounting is when its put into application.  If you would be interested in using something like that just comment below.  It is going to be quite simple, it will include accounts, customers, vendors, banking, and a few other things.

Returning to WGU

Lately I have been debating returning to wgu for another degree.  I’m thinking about going into one of their I.T. programs.  Although I got a degree in accounting, my background and majority of my experience is in I.T. and it seems to make sense to just get the degree with the certs.  Accounting is a great field to get into and it pays well but for me,  I’m finding it very difficult to get my foot in the door.  I work at a tech company because my background with computers outweighs a degree with no experience.  I don’t regret getting a degree in accounting but I think its time to keep moving forward. 

If I end up going into another degree, I will continue to track my progress in this blog for my new degree.

Long awaited update

I haven’t been on this blog in a long time and I just wanted to update this.  I have a full-time job now, although its not a job I prefer, I will take it over no job.  After receiving my accounting degree from wgu, I found it hard to get into the accounting profession without experience.  So needless to say, I had to take a job other than accounting for the moment.  I recommend if you can to find an internship or even volunteer work if you can to put on your resume.  If you are already in the industry than you are ahead of the game.

Thanks for all the kind words of support for this blog.  I hope to keep it going for now as it is helping out quite a few people.  I was going to take it down but I decided not too at this point.

A Heads Up

For those who are interested in wgu or those currently enrolled I would like to give you a heads up.  I have ran into several employers who turned me away because I could not provide them an exact gpa.  Now this will not be a problem for everyone but I think everyone should know that it can be an issue.  The pass/fail type of approach wgu is not popular among many people so when you are in a interview and start telling them about it, you may get a funny look or two.  I’m not trying to discourage anyone from wgu but simply want to give a heads up for you to maybe better prepare yourselves in an interview for those who will have to do that.

Blog Future

I will probably keep this blog up for a little while longer then take it down.  I never had any plans to keep this blog forever and it was more for me to post my random thoughts on each class.  If it helped anyone, then I’m glad.  I took down the email address for this blog as I will not have time to help others at this point, and if you really want a question answered, just comment on my blog before I take it down.  It shows me when I have new comments, so I will do my best to get back to you.


Graduation Decisions

Well I filled out my graduation application yesterday.  They said it takes up to 10 days to get your degree in the mail from when the process your application.  I’m debating on whether or not to go to the February ceremony or not.   The graduation process is pretty straight forward, or at least it was for me.  When my capstone passed(my last class), my mentor had referred me to records and buscar’s office.  After that I had received an email about a minute later with the link to fill out the gradation application.

My mentor has told me that the night before graduation, they have a event where graduates can socialize and meet their mentors.  This sounds like a great opportunity to share experiences and to see who you have been talking on the phone to through out your wgu experience.  Decisions, Decisions, I have to decide soon because the ceremony will be here before I know it.


CPN1 – Accounting Capstone (9 cu’s)

Well, I just got back my evaluation completion for my capstone today, completing my accounting degree at wgu.  The capstone is not as overwhelming as it seems once you actually start working on it.  It gives you good experience on creating a business plan and with the ability to create your own data and sources, it is pretty easy. I found the capstone pretty straight forward, so I don’t have too much to say other than the fact that I’m glad I’m done.