QLT1 – Quantitative Literacy:  Quantitative Problem Solving and Applications (3 cu’s)

This course was a bit tricky at first for me.  I had to learn how to make my own graph in excel.  For the first 4 tasks you can do it on paper and then scan it into your computer to send it.  The fifth task has to be done completely in a spread sheet program.  I found taskstream to be a bit picky with labels, so just make sure you are thorough on your tasks to avoid getting your work sent back.  I have had a few come back to me for small things that I thought was ridiculous but I did what they asked, just to get it done.

This course is really testing your knowledge on graphing, so make sure your familiar with that concept before you start.  I was able to complete this course in less than two weeks, but that was because I was knowledgeable in excel to make the graphs on the computer.

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