INC1 PreAssessment

Wow, that was a long test with alot of questions.  Not only are there 76 questions but a lot of the questions include matching or checking 2 to 3 answers.  I believe that this is the hardest test I have taken yet.  It took me a week to put together and fill in a study guide that kinda of helped.  I will do some more studying and hopefully schedule the final test for next week.

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2 responses to “INC1 PreAssessment

  1. What steps did you use to put together a study guide? I have been going through section by required section and doing flashcards for each study term…if there is an easier/quicker way to about this, I’m all ears!

  2. I just took the pre-assessment tonight and honestly, it’s giving me minor anxiety attackish feelings :( seriously? the multiple, multiple choice questions? It’d be ok if I understood ANY of what they’re saying… I haven’t begun the study part yet so I guess I shouldn’t be whining. I like to pre-assess before I actually start the course. It’s just DAMN! All that info in one test?! How on EARTH did you retain it all?! I’m crying from frustration just thinking about it!…. Ok…. rant complete. Will check out your study guide. Thanks for that BTW.

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