ATO1 Pre-Assessment

I took the ATO1 pre-assessment today to see what I needed to study because the course includes so much reading and material.  I passed surprisingly because I didn’t finish studying and reading all the recommended material.  Now that I know whats on the test,  I can focus on particular areas of accounting where I could improve.  Its a long test,  70+ questions and it took me over an hour and a half to complete.  If you read through the book you will be able to complete the test much faster.  I scheduled the final today as well even though I need to study, 5 days should be enough time.

ATO1 is a hard class and the test is no walk in the park.  If anyone is taking this course soon, make sure you know you concepts well before moving on.


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2 responses to “ATO1 Pre-Assessment

  1. Hello,
    I’m am just starting in this course and I was wondering if you could give my any tips or insights on how to study this incredible amount of information. Thanks if you can and thanks anyway if not.


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