ACA1 – Problems In Accounting (6 cu’s)

This course was one of the harder classes so for me, partly because I thought the directions for the second task weren’t very clear.  I passed all the tasks without problems except for task 2, which many struggled with as well.  I had to submit this task a few times because they weren’t happy with my explanations.  Other than task 2, the other tasks are pretty straight forward.  I’m very happy to have this course done.  Let me know if you have any questions on this course.

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27 responses to “ACA1

  1. Congrats on passing this course! This is a hard class, I’m struggling on task 1 and task 2. The other tasks are clear. Do you have any advice on these tasks? Do you know where I can find a similar problem on the book, or somewhere else for task 1? I cannot get partners B’s balance correct.

    Other than that I learned tons in this class, this is also one of my hardest class. I have ACA1, BGA1 and TPV1 left on my degree plan Yay!

    Happy studying :)

    • I understand how to figure the composite dep. rate and composite life in section one. I just don’t know what to do on the rest of the spread sheet!

      • I submitted it. I did the first part correctly as it was pretty straight forward. I have to redo the second two sections. I guess the only part I did right on those two were the quantities. So, I am sitting here twiddling my thumbs. I have no clue how to do them….

      • Hello,

        I can help you with all six ACA1 tasks and all 5 BGA1 task. Feel free to drop me an email at “”

        Thank You

  2. Task 2 will be the death of me. I was on track to finish my degree by the end of Feb 2013 and this task (not even the whole course) has me reconsidering another term. The task is vague. I have completed Task 1 and 4 with no revisions necessary so how can Task 2 be getting me down so bad. I have pretty much decided that I will finish it tonight and submit it. At this point I would just like to get something to the paper so I can turn it in and get it back already to get a better idea of what is expected.

    • Is there anything in particular you are struggling with? or is it the whole thing? If it comes back for revisions, let me know and I will try to help you.

      • how do you prepare an income statement from a balance sheet in task 2; there is no wholesale sales figures given.

      • none of the income statement categories given; and they are asking me to prepare an income statement; how???

    • Hello,

      I can help you with all six ACA1 tasks and all 5 BGA1 task. Feel free to drop me an email at “”

      Thank You

    • Hello,

      I can help you with all six ACA1 tasks and all 5 BGA1 task. Feel free to drop me an email at “”

      Thank You

  3. I sent a message to the e-mail address you provided but it got returned to me. I was hoping for the PDF that you’re referring to in this thread. Could you send this to me, please? ( Thank you!

    • Hello,

      I can help you with all six ACA1 tasks and all 5 BGA1 task. Feel free to drop me an email at “”

      Thank You

  4. Are you available to help on this course. I am struggling with Task 1 and getting all of my numbers to match up. Is there anyone that can take a look at it for me just to let me know if I am headed in the right direction please? I’d appreciate any kind of help. THank you!

      • Tony,
        Not sure if you have completed this course or not. I am struggling with task3. Do you mind helping me out. Thanks

  5. If anyone has the .pdf on task 1 I would appreciate it. I am having a really hard time with the death of Partner A and bringing in Partner D. Biggest issue is do I need to reallocate percentages to B and C or leave them as they are and what if anything happens to the two of them on the “removal of partner A” line? I have spent 2 days on this. I know I am making it harder than it should be but it is killing me. Thanks!!!

    • can somebody help me out with task 1; I am struggling with getting partner D’s capital to match up —I am sure that once partner A died partner D inherited same interest percentage i.e.20%, right??? But then I need some help to get me through this!!

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