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Before you seek help outside WGU, I strongly recommend consulting with your personal mentor and with your course mentor as they can be an effective part of your study strategy.  The course mentors are always willing to discuss course content with you.  They usually are always available during the day and always answer emails promptly.

If you have consulted with a course mentor and are still stuck or feeling overwhelmed then please continue on…

I have been getting quite a few comments and messages concerning study guides for certain courses, so I wanted to provide a resource for other students to compare notes.

These study guides do not contain any answers to any WGU assessment and are intended to assist in your exam preparation.  These are not meant to be a replacement for reading and studying on your own.  These study guides also aren’t all complete and comprehensive as I didn’t feel I needed to cover certain topics because of my background.

INC1 – INC1 Study Guide

ATO1 – ATO1 Study Guide

*If WGU finds these resources inappropriate, I will remove them without question, otherwise I hope these resources are a valuable tool in your study routine.

External Link Resources

All Subjects –

Google and YouTube combined can be an effective part of your study strategy.  There isn’t much that these two together don’t really cover as far as content.  I would almost lean more towards YouTube because it contains many videos with many different explains and perspectives which helps when trying to understand difficult concepts.

Math – is a great resource that helped me with the math courses at WGU.  It contains easy to understand examples and explains concepts very clearly.  Keep in mind that this website does not contain all the information you would need to study and prepare for a exam.

6 responses to “Study Resources

  1. Thanks for providing this study guide. I hope to be enrolling in the Business HR Mgmt program soon. I have already taken the entrance test and passed! As I looked at the courses I would have to take to complete my degree, this course stood out to me as being a challenge. So I want to get a jump start on what all integrated science would consist of and I see it is a lot to say the least! Again thanks and I hope you continue to do well in your studies :)

    • Thank you, let me know if you have any questions. The integrated science course covers a lot of content but the test isn’t too hard is you go over the course of study.

  2. ACA1 task 2 has been my Achilles heel. Thank you for your study guide! I’m also snagging your CMO1 guide… I actually ended up enrolling in another term, because I could not finish ACA1 last term.
    Fortunately, they “remember” that I did task 1. :)

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